Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MY FACE!!! My beautiful FACE!!!

Tonight I had basketball again and we returned to our winning ways :) The team as a whole were fantastic and awesome and brilliant (I was actually all three...again). We were so good that the other team got a bit pissed off and forgot that Basketball is a non-contact sport. At one point I got the ball and turned to shoot and....

BAM!! of the other teams players full-on pounded me in the face. I threw the ball away and put my hand up to my eye because he had really got me good. I pulled my hand down to do that "Check for blood ..." thing that you instinctively do...AND THERE WAS BLOOD!!! The guy had opened up a gash just under my eye and up across the bridge of my nose.

I had to go off the court for some stupid reason...blood rule or something. Here's a photo of me and my injury.

Anyway, the moral of the story is WE F@&KING WON !!!! Suck on that other team!!


Andrew said...

everything from the chin down does not look like you at all Michael!

- Chookz

Michael Field said...

I don't see your point Chookz?

Rachel said...

Looks like they tore the buttons off your shirt too. Should do something about that.