Monday, January 12, 2009

The Newest of Years.

After not posting for a very long time I suppose I should write something about what I've been doing.

Well I just finished a very tough 3 week holiday stretch over Christmas and New Years. It was basically the only time I had had off all year save for 3 days in September 2008. My "Terminally Single" lifestyle allows me to head back to South Australia to spend it all with my family and SA friends. I also really love Adelaide and SA in general and any excuse to go back there is a good one in my book.

I divided my time there completely unequally between family and Friends :) I really had an awesome, awesome time and when the 3 weeks were up I had done so many excellent things that I really thought I had been there for months and it felt great. I went mountain biking (on real mountains), to country markets, to country brothers houses, to the city, to about 500 different out-dinners, to Christmas parties and ate worlds best baked ham, to friends houses for dinners and catch ups, water slide extravaganza's, So much Wii I lost count, biking through the city, New years with Rachel and time with my Mum, Nana, brothers and sister and their respective other halves.

Last year started off so well with work but had seriously got tiring and unenjoyable by the end of the year. The ability to leave it all behind and not think about it for 21 days was very cathartic. This year has unfortunately started off the same way, with the fall out of last year still settling but there may be light at the end of the tunnel with some new directions being planned within the company that I would actually be interested in rather than what I currently work on which I really have no interest in. We'll see.

This year I made a few resolutions and generally, as a rule, I don't normally do that. I find that making goals is all well and dandy but you shouldn't need an "occasion" to try and better yourself and it should be a constant process. I live by the ethos that "I only get one chance at this life thing" and so my resolutions are pretty much all aimed at improving my enjoyment and experiences in life. I am financially well off and money has not been a problem since I got my current job and used last year to get completely out of debt. I payed off all my car loan (2 years early) and finally committed a vast amount of money ($8K) to getting rid of my HECS debt. So now I don't owe anybody anything. If only I could afford to buy a house on my single, full time employed wage as 25% of my wage every month is spent on rent. I'd love to change that, but the thought of putting roots down in Melbourne really doesn't appeal to me. I like the fact, and feel safe in knowing, that I can leave pretty much when ever I want should the opportunity arise.

So this year is all about "progression", onwards and upwards, a completely "me" year. I resolve to change some things in my life that I have put up-with for a very long time and decided it's time to change/fix them.

I have been blessed with very good health in my life and save for a few minor accidents and one incredibly large one have had a pretty good run. In the 5 years I have been in Melbourne now I have never had to visit a doctor. However, like most people I have certain aspects of my body that I am not happy about and this year I will endeavor to fix them all, regardless of cost because I am quite simply tired of being scared to do anything about it and having to explain to everyone I meet why I look the way I do.

So here we go with the list:

Resolution 1.

Organize elective surgery to remove an "imperfection" I have been carrying for the last 20+ years. I think it's quite an ugly eyesore but as it doesn't effect my day to day living I just learnt to accept it but always play it down when people notice it and comment. Today I put this resolution into action. Doctors appointment tomorrow, referral to hospital to follow.

Resolution 2.
Look into, and if not ridiculously expensive, get my teeth fixed. After another year of explaining to countless people why my teeth look like I have been on the receiving end of a kicking I have decided that I have had enough of seeing myself in photo's and realising that I don't ever smile and that when I do I look awful. I have to constantly explain to "everyone" I befriend or meet why my teeth are so bad and that I can't afford to fix them. I was crushed when years ago I waited on the public register to get them fixed because the price to do it was $36,000, only to be told that they wouldn't be fixed because I had gotten a Ph.D. scholarship 4 whole years later. It has been a burden i've carried for about 25 years now and I think that it has affected me in a way that is not good. I've never really felt handsome or even remotely "good looking" because of it and It has probably affected my self confidence and opinion of myself. This year something will be done about this.

Resolution 3
Get "Happy" again with my lifes position. This may sound like a daunting task to some and it actually does to me too. I have had only sporadic periods of time over the last 9 years where I have felt truly happy and content. I've had to learn to live much of my adult life alone and fend for myself with little help or encouragement or support. Of course I have had the support of my family whenever I've needed it and they are always only a phonecall away. I've spent much of my adult life wishing for things to happen and waiting for the day when they finally do, but never actually actively MADE them happen. This year marks my 5th year in Melbourne and that has got to change. When I am here I wish I was elsewhere, and when I am elsewhere I don't miss my life here at all. I am kept here by a job I don't particularly care about and nothing else. I mainly miss my family and my long term friends. Everything just feels wrong here and always has...I've tried to enjoy it and make the most of it and experience all it has to offer but I really find Melbourne experience lacking in every aspect. This year by December 2009 I *will* no longer be living in Melbourne and will be living and working in Adelaide and hang the consequences.

Resolution 4.
Like many people I am "moderately" active. I would like to be more active but age is now beginning to show me that I am no longer a teenager and won't bounce back from injuries as quickly or at all as before. I will endeavor to ride to work when the weather and commitments allow it and not see riding to work as a "secondary" option. Walk more places when I want to go "window shopping" (eastland, knox etc) they're really not that far away.

Resolution 5.
I also endeavor to eat a lot healthier food (this is already a work in progress). I have eaten "conveniently" for a long time but spending time with Rachel has shown me that I don't have to eat badly to eat tasty food. That girl can whip up some mighty fine food using very basic ingredients and I will continue to make an effort to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Resolution 6.
Again, due to the influence of Rach, i'll try and increase my "Green Rating". I'm nowhere near as green as she is but during the last year I have incorporated things into my everyday life to reduce my impact on the environment. I've stopped buying certain things and started buying others in order to accomplish this. I have also managed to go completely "bagless" again when shopping and refusing unnecessary bags when offered. This year i'll keep all these practices current and endeavor to adopt more.

So there you have it, my forthcoming year in a nutshell. Fingers crossed that I can achieve it all.


Rachel said...

A fine set of resolutions. Cheers to onwards and upwards. :)

Admiral Bayls said...

Top work Todes. Those resolutions sound awesome, so I'm going to borrow some for myself. :)