Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's got 14 arms, 14 legs and 7 heads and is UNBEATABLE?

The SGE Injectors Basketball team that's what!

4 wins in a row now and looking like not stopping. Again we beat a team above us in the ladder into submission. We rocked as a collective. I got a bit peeved at no fouls getting called against the people pushing, hitting and jumping into me every time I went for a shot! But hey, I got 14 points so suck it other team :P

SGE 24 - 17 Lah-Who-Sa-Hers


Rachel said...

You know, I was just wondering... by any chance did your team get relegated last season?

Michael Field said...

It may look like that to the casual observer. However, we have had a certain "player" playing for the last 4 games who sort of catalyses all the "awesome" out of us. He's not playing next week so we'll see if it's his influence or just that we really are that good :)