Monday, June 30, 2008

Eastlink goes LIVE!!

After nearly 4 years and bazillions of tax payer dollars the latest Victorian Electoral Promise (tm) that was broken after re-election by the Labor party is now "open" for business. With the cost of fuel going through the roof the "newest" toll way in Melbourne which significantly reduces the travelling time for many people to and from the only affordable housing in Melbourne (Berwick, 50km's from the CBD) manages to completely wipe out any savings you might have got from the quicker travelling times by charging you to use it. Good work Victoria, this is definately "The place to be" as the number plates say. The place to be RIPPED OFF.

I shan't be using this new "Feeway" after the initial Free period expires. They can get stuffed, someone explain to me why I pay "Road Infrastructure Tax" every year again please??

here's a vid taken from the lab I work in.

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