Saturday, June 21, 2008

Massive Innaugural Post

Well, I decided to have a go at this blogging stuff. No idea how long this will last or if I will even stick with it :)

Though it may be amusing to post ramblings on here when I think of somethng the world should know about.

First of all I might say that after 3 straight weeks of losing Basketball (both as a player and as a coach) this week saw both the SGE Injectors and the Eastern Bulls under 10's back to the lofty heights of the winners circle !!!

Here we have the Score for the Bulls today (18 - 8). Convincing win really and the kids really played well. Strangely all the girls in the team (3) suffered the same injury today,that being hyper-extended fingers (That's when your fingers get bent backwards far past what they usually should go). Only one didn't want to return to the game and wanted to just sit and watch for the whole second half. That left me with no substitutes and thus many "timeouts" were called to rest tired kiddies (and dope them up with sugar and choccy).

Never the less, after last weeks disgraceful play I had my first "stern" words for the season to the team and issued a few players some roles to perform on the court. For the most part they did what I wanted and we had some brilliant plays come out of it. Most of them still refuse to pass to Beth (she's the "most rapidly improving" player on the team ;) ) and Bryce just will not do any defending or "hassling" for the ball. He's terrified of getting hurt I think as he's the smallest kid in the team. True to form though..get him the ball in range of the basket and he's an ABSOLUTE WEAPON!! I swear he hits about 90% of his shots and is usually the top scorer.

Hopefully we can do alright next week as we have 2 players out (School camps, it's soooo exciting :) ) this leaves me with no substitutes unless Kell (Team Manager) can find some ring-ins. She has however stated that "We're pretty much F#@&ed next week now aren't we !" with a giggle.

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