Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walking through syrup

So, I’m sitting here ….pretending to look insanely busy by typing into Microsoft Word 97 (which is our companies document writing software of choice because “What could they possibly have improved in 11 years??”) with no web browser open. This is so that everyone who sticks their uninvited head into my office thinks they are interrupting some ultra-important report that I am obviously writing. The fact’s are … of course….somewhat the opposite.

I’m doing bog-standard GC column “testing” at the moment on columns that we normally would be selling. But for some reason Fraisure* doesn’t trust the reports that are included with every retail column we sell and wants the columns to be re-tested just to “make sure they’re good”. So, I’m doing the testing and , who’d of thunk it, the column ARE all good???!!! Astounding I know, it’s really getting tiresome around here doing stuff that has absolutely zero merit or benefit. Couple into the equation that I have had to stop working on my “Ultra-important-this-project-is-more-important-than-any-other-project …erm…project because we only have one GC and thus the timeline for this project will now slip and you may begin to understand my frustration. It has become quite obvious to many of us in this department that one of the “higher ups” see timelines as merely an exercise to do to fill in some time. Also, that they don’t mean anything and that said “higher Up” can act as some type of editor in chief and change whatever they want, whenever they want. Regardless of the consequences. With no repercussions to them because they are not the ones responsible for meeting the timelines. Then to come out on Tuesday and say “I need these things by Friday” after being told by NUMEROUS people in our department that no-one can “do” the required work unless specifically authorised IN WRITING that our current projects are somehow less important than something “someone” has promised with no idea if it is at all possible. That should be our companies motto…”Promising whatever ….whenever….regardless of reality”. It’s quite catchy AND truthful.

I wonder if I can go home yet??

*not their real name.

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