Thursday, June 26, 2008

Winners circle extended.

Sitting here with the morning coffee and thought i'd see if I could whack out an update. Had Basketball last night and we managed to pull off another win (22 - 19) in rather trying circumstances. There were quite a few "Flare ups" between players and I was surprised that a few people weren't told to leave the stadium (guys on our team included). It has been quite surprising for me over the last few months that I have been playing to see the level of "attitude" some of these guys bring to the games. The competition is for "over 30's" an age group I still don't really accept I am in...even though I am now closer to "Over 40's", but some of the guys that play take it way, way, WAAAY too seriously for a social game.

Just took a sip of my coffee and instantly realised that I've forgotten the sugar!!!! F#$k.

We played quite well last night and the game was always close, being one of the "younger" players on our team (at 36??) I often end up playing more than 90% of the game. That, and I am probably the fittest guy on the team which, to be fair to me, is pretty fit and I have a bit more energy than the majority of the others. I also don't complain about my back, legs, ribs, side, shoulders, neck etc etc for 38mins of the 40 mins we play :). I did a few good runs at the basket and got fouled only once, I managed to hit 1 out of 2 from the line . I can't seem to hit shots with zero pressure from the foul line but pull off some of the arseyist shots from open play. I also did 2 very good shot blocks ... The first one the guy from the other team had dribbled around Glenn and hadn't seen me, he jumped up to shoot and then my massive frame sprang up well above him and WHAM the ball was swatted away, straight to Steve, who bolted to our goal for 2 points :)

OOOH!! I also did the best "Cobra-Strike" ball steal as well...even I was impressed with myself. The ball had been passed right out to the far side, 90° to the basket. The guy with the ball was looking to pass it back into the middle and was holding the ball at waist height. I remember thinking 'I reckon I could just reach in quick and grab that!", so I tried. POW..I had the ball in a nano-second, the look on the guys face was priceless "What the?? SHIT!". I passed it off to Steve again and we got another 2-points.

I got home at a bit after 10pm. Checked the Scrabby status...all balls still in Rachel's court, so it looked like she was actually busy tonight and not just making excuses to get a night off from the relentless pummelling I have been giving her of late ... in Scrabble. Checked also the "timer" for my next trip to Adelaide...2.17 weeks. Excitement still building like you wouldn't believe. Love going back home, LOVE IT!!

Could stand it no more...just went and put sugar in my now luke warm, neglected coffee. Much better now :)

The youngest niece is now 100% mobile too. Should be interesting to see her scooting all over the place in bipedal mode. Hard to believe she is nearly one. The last year has gone so quick (as usual) I wonder if I achieved anything. Oh, I paid off all my HECS.....I suppose that is an "achievement" of sorts....oh and my Car was paid off too. Moved house as well, bought a fridge and lounge suite. Stayed in one job for a whole'd think i'd have remembered at least some of those :)

Alright, I've been "on the work clock" for about 15mins now so the blog time has been paid for. Best go test those stupid columns from yesterday a bit more. If only they'd test themselves.

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