Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neighbours on Meth.

This morning I went to go to work in the balmy 3ºC Melbourne weather at about 7:45am. I got all my stuff together and put it in the car, let the car warm up or a bit before backing out into my drive way. That's when I realised that I wouldn't be going anywhere. My awfully considerate neighbour had parked her car in my driveway and I was blocked in. I spent the next 30 mins trying in vain to rouse ANYONE in their house to come outside and move it. I knocked on door, I knocked on windows, I knocked on walls....I even drove my car right up to her car and lent on the horn for a full minute.......nothing stirred in the house. I then went back to hammering on the front door for a full minute and still nobody came to the door. Then the most surreal thing neighbors cat saunters up to the screen door and casually taps it a few times with it's paws. SOMEONE SPRINGS INTO LIFE inside and comes to the front door and opens it...greeting the cat and then almost jumping out of her skin when she see's me standing there (as she was wearing only a towel). I've seen this girl a few times over the 10 months I've lived in my house but she looked like she was absolutlely drugged out of her one of those Meth-amphetamine addicts you see on the TV adds, plus she seemed to have no idea who I was????? I calmly ask if she could move her car because she's blocked my driveway with it and I can't get out. She looks puzzled ... steps out side and looks at the car, she acknowledges Yep, it's in the way, goes and gets her keys and moves the car. As I drive past I put the window down to say "thanks" (Yeah, thanks for being an inconsiderate tool!!) and she looks sternly at me and goes "Happy Now?" and just dissappears inside.

Damn Drug Addicts...

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