Friday, August 01, 2008

I think i've missed my niche...

My sister sent me some pictures today about a strange phenomenon at the West-Lakes Mall in Adelaide. Apparently "The Field" is all the rage?? Now, I was aware that we as a family were pretty popular....but I had no idea that this was happening. We decided (we being "Fields") that we should go to the aforementioned mall and just stand around and lap up the admiration...I mean really, who could resist??

<--- Got a nice "Style" about it that logo. Much like myself.
Should be able to get some T-shirt printed with that fairly easily enough.

<--- I was recently informed that "Good Manners Cost Nothing" and that is so true. So accordingly this sign would help purvey that we do appreciate the adoration of the public.

<----- Hahahahaha so many jokes there isn't there?
I am quite "minty" between the hours of 8am - 10am, then I take on the flavor of freshly brewed and aromatic coffee until about 1pm. Mid afternoon I am salad fresh with a hint of vinaigrette. By 4pm I am becoming quite savory and go well with strong cheese or pate. Late afternoon I have the delicate aroma's and taste of smoked meat. So step on up and have a lick :)

No, I don't smoke case you were wondering.

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