Friday, August 29, 2008

The Worlds Best Ever Friday.

I'm so excited :) Not only have I got 3 days off next week as the first "major" holidays for the year since January, but Rachel is here, in Melbourne, staying with me for all of them!! We're going to have so much fun is almost unbelievable. It's also going to be great to not have to do my job for a few days, and not have to even think about it....aaahh Bliss. I just hope the Melbourne weather holds out and doesn't go too crap. I know I have already jinxed it because I washed my car last night and that is almost guaranteed to make it rain the next day. Sitting here at my desk at work and looking out the window it is all blue sky however and getting warmer.

I took ill on Wednesday night with a cold and usually my super-immune system makes short work of any such foible. This time the cold took hold a bit yesterday and after various people commenting on me walking around work in lab coat AND scarf looking like an arctic explorer I started engaging them in conversation about what THEY think is the best way to get rid of a cold? There were very few helpful responses (as honestly, how easy is it really to get a goat AND 3 live chickens in outer eastern Melbourne on a Thursday??). I got so snotty and coughy just after lunch that I had to go and get some "help" from a chemist shop to battle this flu. I was unfortunately using "Work" tissues also to blow my nose. I'm sure it's common practise across any workplace that the "tissues" and "toilet paper" provided to employees must be of the "quality" depicted here:

So, if you happen to need to blow your nose repeatedly through-out the day you end up taking a large portion of your actual nose flesh with each use. That's why if I ever meet the Guy/Gal that invented tissues infused with Aloe-Vera i'll quite possibly KISS THEM :) Tissues with Aloe-Vera should be the STANDARD tissue, I mean seriously why are there any other kind of tissues available?? They are never bought again once you've bought tissues WITH Aloe-Vera on them, so why bother?? I also bought a big jar of Vitamin-C tablets with which to dose myself with and while there I decieded to actually try some of Rachels "I swear by this!!" voodoo remedy that she told me about. Garlic Tablets. Yeah, I're also going "What the F$#k?? Garlic for a cold??"... I did too. However, there are times when Rachel does actually know what she's talking about....and while I can't say for sure that this is one of these times or that the garlic remedy has any I feel a hundred times better than yesterday. It "Could" be that the 10 or so Garlic tabs I took since yesterday have had an effect (how many are you meant to take anyway? The bottle was very vague on dosage) but I have double-whammied the cold with 1.0 shitloads of Vitamin-C (a proven scientific method of combatting the influenza virus) and 1.25 shitloads of Garlic tablets (a non-scientific, more akin to voodoo method of combating the influenza virus). The net effect is today I feel a lot better.....but it is impossible to ascertain WHICH remedy is responsible for this. Also, no-one has commented that I smell like an italian pasta chef yet so maybe the Garlic is just a placebo??

Anyway, i'm really itching to get out of here today already (and it's only 9:15am). I have been prepping Yi (my chinese underling) to do my lab work for the next 3 days and so today will basically be broken down into 3 section.

1. Time untill I get WBBC (Let's see the cold survive THAT!!:) )

2. Time untill I can go home!!

3. Time until Rachel arrives!!

Quite posibly the BEST friday ever today :)

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zeb said...

Hi "michael", if that is your real name.

You told me this was funny. You lied.