Thursday, July 31, 2008

odds and sods..

Just a few things to mention at the moment....

Firstly, After living in my current house for 9 months now I finally got my fist electricity bill in the mail. I have been getting regular gas, water & phone bills the whole time I have been there but for some reason an electricity bill never arrived. So I am 9 months in arrears for payment you would think? The power bill I got yesterday is only for May, June and July of this year and totalled $142. I rang the power company and asked if this was correct (without letting slip I have been at my house since late October 2007) and the guy assured me that the current bill covers from when I was connected (April 29th according to them) until now. So looks like I got 6 months power for free :) SCORE!!

Secondly, Played Basketball again last night at the ungodly hour of 10:10pm. Once again I left the venue wondering when the rules of basketball changed to the form we currently are subjected to?? The umpiring at the venue is amazing, each week we think it can't possibly get any worse or any less consistent but, amazingly, it does. Last night I got called for a foul that was just so NOT a foul that I sort of...lost my cool...sort of....and sort of dropped a pretty vulgar F-bomb straight at the umpire. He was not amused...and he technical fouled me as well. I was ropeable when later in the game I was driving to the basket and some guy on the opposite team steps across to block me just as I launched myself upward towards the basket, he slams into me while i'm soaring like Michael Jordan and sends me spinning off into "unbalanced-this-is-going-to-hurt-when-ground-and-I-meet" land and thus I miss my shot. No foul was called (of course), I beam several different kinds of grisly death stare at the umpire who simply shrugs and goes "No foul, you jumped into him" .. WHAT THE F#$K?? The opposition then run the ball up the other end and the EXACT same thing happens with the roles of defender and attacker reversed and HE CALLS A FOUL ON OUR GUY!!! I (now being the most uncool tempered person in cool-tempered town) not so politely ask for an explanation of how that is different to what happened not 5 secs ago down the other end of the court?? I get tech fouled again...for apparently being belligerent ...can you believe that?? ME..Belligerent?? At the end of the game the score was 18-20. Technically a "loss" for our team, but since the other team had no scorer to help with scoring and the scoreboard we should get 4 extra points and thus the win.

OOOOOOooOOOO also, during warm up I was practising 3-point shots and was getting a very high percentage of them to go in. So during the game I twice found myself open, with the ball, on the three point line and threw up shots. BOTH of them went in!!! :)

Thirdly, I was checking the state of Scrabby on facebook just before and was very pleased to see that every single game was waiting for ME to play. Many thanks to my Scrabby partner for such diligent work. I promptly played all available games but there was no bingos to report sadly. The competition continues. While checking the Scrab I noticed that there was a new notification there so I decided to check out what it was. I was dismayed to see that Facebook is now no longer content to just throw demoralising ads at you every 1.2375 secs offering you all sorts of sordid encounters with single males and/or females in your age group. It has now decided the best way to get your attention after noticing that you have clicked exactly 0 ads is direct insults to your self esteem via notifications.

<------ See, apparently I am some sort of ugly, unlovable, undateable, disfigured freak. Please tell me it isn't so Facebook!! I just don't understand the mixed signals FB keeps giving me. On one page it's telling me 7 of my friends have a secret crush on me and I should "Click Here" to find out who. On another, one of my friends who is mysteriously anonymous thinks I am "Hot" and I should "Click Here" to find out who again?? And on a further page, 87% of my friends would like to be trapped on a deserted Island with me?? Now I know I am a bit self conscious about a few things , but blatant "No one likes you and wouldn't date you even if you were the last man on earth and there was no sheep" notifications are just about crossing the line Facebook!!

Tomorrow sees the week come to a close (Thank God) and thus sees me eating WBBC for lunch :) It's also Rachel's birthday which is almost as exciting as having WBBC lunch...almost. So........

Birthday Rachel.

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