Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wrong Numbers II: The sequel.

Having read recently about other peoples experience with wrong numbers I finally have my own to share. It all started yesterday when I was rung up at work on my mobile/pocket/Handy phone by Melbourne City Land Rover and I had the pleasant gentleman list off all the extras that they'd added to my new Land Rover and ended with him asking me when I would like to pick it up. Having to explain to him that I actually didn't buy a Land Rover and knew not what he was on about was quite hard.....not often you get offered a free Land Rover ;). So, he read the contact number back to me and , yes, it was my number. So he apologises profusely and I hang up and go back to work. About an hour later my mobile/pocket/Handy phone rings again and this time it's Melbourne Metro BMW, the guy on the phone also wants to give me a free car (a BMW 650 this time.....nice) that I have apparently ordered and was ready for pick-up. Again, I told the guy that I hadn't ordered any car and could he confirm the number he called. Again, it was my phone number??? 
Fast forward to today and I get to work (to be greeted by more unbelievable crap... but that is a whole other story) and start bearishly working away at my stuff when, lo and behold, my mobile/pocket/handy  phone rings again. This time it's Porsche Centre Melbourne, and guess what? You got it...My new Porsche 911 4S Targa is ready for me to collect. Again I explain that I have not ordered any Porches and he again confirms the phone number he's called...again...it's mine. Now I'm beginning to get a bit worried, Is my phone number being used in some elaborate luxury car scam?? Sure seems that way...in mid ponder my thoughts are interrupted by my  mobile/pocket/handy phone ringing again. Who could it be THIS time I wonder?? It's the helpful staff at Lexus of Melbourne this time just wanting to know if I would like to come and take a look at my new IS250 sedan that is apparently ready for me? Again, I explain to the guy that I haven't ordered any Lexii lately and could he repeat the number he's called ? Again..it's my number?? The mind boggles. I decided to ask the guy if he could throw any light onto the fact that I have just about been rung up by every luxury car dealer in greater Melbourne over the last 2 days all of them wanting to give me cars and all having my mobile/pocket/handy number as their contact. He can't but thinks it is interesting. He says he has an email address of the person he's trying to reach and will get in contact with them that way. He promises to "Have some fun with them" whatever that means. So there you have it....weirdest wrong number story I have ever heard of. It's quite funny in a way, due mainly to the fact that 4 separate people have apparently bought very expensive cars and all have given my mobile/pocket/handy number as their contact. Ooops, there goes the phone again.....I wonder if this will be Melbourne Mercedes or the Audi Melbourne chaps...........

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Admiral Bayls said...

That's funny because I just had 3 random calls from the local Adelaide Datsun, Camira and Peugeot dealers asking when I could pick up my new bomb. :)