Friday, July 18, 2008

3....2...............where's the one?...THERE'S MEANT TO BE A ONE!!!!!

Was lying in bed this morning, nicely warm and still a bit sleepy when my brain sort of registered that "there is sunlight in the room". Now today is a "school day" as in "I have to go to work" and on most normal "School Days" I am up at 7am. At this time of year, in Smelbourne, 7am is still dark so my sleep riddled brain sort of half-assedly set off a tiny little alarm in my head that sort of went something like this:

Subconscious Brain: "This bed is so warm and comfy....but there is some natural light coming in the may want to just check the time..or you now..whatever...sleep is also grand"

Conscious Brain: "Why are you bothering me?? Has the alarm gone off? Are we listening to the musical stylings of Marc Et Claude waking us into the day with an infectious beat? NO WE ARE NOT...leave me alone...I answer to the alarm, not you Subconscious Brain!!"

Subconscious Brain: "Cool, I'll just restart that dream you were you actually KNOW that girl? or have I made her up?"

Anyway, I drift back into semi-sleep for an unspecified amount of time because Friday is WBBC* day which means no making lunch and due to a super gym session last night, there was no need for a shower again in the morning because I'd only been sleeping, and while alone in my bed there is not really much that can happen to warrant another early morning shower. So usually there is a half hour sleep in anyway.

*Worlds Best Butter Chicken (i.e. Lunch is bought).

Subconscious Brain: "hey, um.... there is a LOT of light coming into this room now.....and I think I can hear children walking past??"

Conscious Brain: "Oh for F#$ks Sake!! There has been no alarm !! please don't bother me."

Subconscious Brain: "You might just want to check the time now..... I promise i'll shut up then."

So I roll over and look at my clock? There should be some pale blue numbers staring at me saying "7:15 am" or similar...but there seems to be ... no numbers!!!


I spring out of bed and hobble at great speed into the lounge room where the battery powered clock hangs on the wall....adjust my un-assisted eyes to try and see the time....

8 : 10 am

I think I set a world record in getting to work this morning by 8:20.... and only looking like I slept in a dumpster for half the night.

Thank god not 2 mins after I sat down at my desk and attached the caffeine drip to my arm that my only pressing engagement today was delayed till next week. Phew.

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