Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cooking Stuff

So today I got into a cooking ideas chat with Christine at work during one of her 17 visits to my office (I reckon it's coz she secretly loves the music I play when I'm in there....Children of Bodom are so relaxing). Anyway, we were swapping ideas and started addressing the topic of what was the possibilities for dinner tonight at our respective houses. I had planned earlier today to cook some vegies and stuff that had been in my fridge for nearly a would have to be more than a week because I also bought mince last weekend which was supposed to motivate me into cooking those same vegetables (and stuff).

After work I went to the gym and belted out a few reps on the assorted goodies there. I'm *really* liking how this is going too. The conscious decision to regularly use this "free added extra" of my job, in hindsight, was an excellent decision. The comparison to 10 months ago when I actually went "OK, lets start this and stick with it" is phenomenal. Not to be vain but I sometimes catch myself perving at myself in the mirror in the mornings now, the improvement is very noticeable and I do actually feel a lot better about how I am looking physically which has been a personal battle for ...well....ever i suppose. So I get home from the gym (took 3 minutes tonight...heavy traffic) and do the "8 minute Abs" routine (thanks Craig), then hit the shower.

After the showering I dressed in the most appropriate cooking gear I have. "Advance Australia Fair" Boxers and some daggy Top that I won't mind getting food all over. I usually have tomatoes and all sorts of "splattery" sauces, oils and "additives" in a frypan that I really should stop using and buy a bigger one. The current one can barely contain any meal I deciede to cook.

I also selected some appropriate music on the Home Theater PC with which to "get down and culinary" with. Good old Armin Van Buuren, you just can't go wrong with him. So with Armin supplying the summery tunes in contrast to the shockingly shitty weather in Melbourne (for a change).

Got things underway with the spaghetti in a pot at the back and started frying some onion, bacon , mushrooms and herbs. I also learnt an interesting thing about cloves of garlic tonight. That if you buy them at Easter time...they aren't really any good come July. Garlic in this dish :)

Once the onion had cooked a bit it was time to spice it up a bit (get it?.."spice"...and I'm talking about cooking...oh forget it). In went some pepperoni and capsicum. Now all the vegies that I had bought nearly 2 weeks ago are in the pan...they were all surprisingly...fresh-ish. My fridge had done an excellent job of keeping the crisp vegetables of 2 weeks ago, well...crisp. Well done Samsung Fridge.

Now, you may have noticed that I like meat in my food. As it stands I already have bacon and pepperoni in the pan, but it needs MORE!!!! So, true to previous Spag Boggs I have made there is beef mince around somewhere. Again, I sort of forgot to defrost it. Sorry for the gratuitous "I earn a lot of money" quality of the meat. In my defense it was the exact same price as the 4* version. you would have bought it too, don't
pretend you wouldn't!!!

In a true twist that no-one who's reading this would have guessed was coming....I didn't use the mince. It's currently in the fridge. "Why?" you may well ask, and I may well tell you. That mince was 500gms of meat...and when i looked at it, I then looked at the pan, and then back at the really wasn't going to fit in the pan. So I added some tomatoes (chopped) and decided that would be enough for the "sauce". As you can see, it's still a pretty sizable meal even without the pasta. THE PASTA...SHIT...sort of forgot about that didn't I?? Luckily it hadn't boiled was close...but savable.

"Note To Self: Stop buying 2 loaves of bread...YOU DON'T EAT ONE OF THEM....ever!

So after a bit of boiling down the deed is almost done. It's smelling great and my toughest critic seems impressed. Time to try it out.

Onto the pasta bed it goes. It really was a "Sizable" portion of food and right from the start I had doubts whether I could eat it all. I decided to pair it with a lovely glass of Ginger beer. Most underrated drink ever the old ginger beer. Everyone repeat after me..."Ginger Beer Rocks". I have taken a fancy to Schweppes "Traditional" Ginger Beer as it has been on sale at Coles now for about 6 months ??? Everytime I go's STILL on I'm actually saving money by buying it...see...justified :)

Now, you may notice that my house seems ridiculously tidy in most of the photo's associated with this blog entry. Let me assure you I make a colossal mess in the kitchen with the best of them. Some people have made making a mess in the kitchen into an Olympic event (R.......l) and just to prove to you all that I am no different in this aspect here's a short film that I made to demonstrate the carnage that is involved behind the scenes. As a usual response to cleaning is clearly portrayed at the end.

While siting for the actual eating I had a wide variety of TV shows that needed watching. Tonight I went with an all time favorite. Good News Week. This show has got progressively funnier and funnier since it's return ..... it also has Claire Hooper on it...and she's HOT! :)

After eating there is the cleaning part. Now, I have heard on the grapevine that in this day and age there are still children growing up in Australia that barely remember what a clean kitchen looks like. This is for them...the children...someone has to think of them.

It's hard to believe i'm still single really :)

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