Wednesday, July 09, 2008


As I have no Scrabby to play at lunch today I decided to try and occupy my brain is some way as to try and block out (just for a moment) the absolutely awesome images that have been running through my head all night. I was already looking forward to this weekend immensely.....last night I think that my "looking Forward"-ness tripled :).

This week at work has been interesting to some degree because the company has been implementing a new "Quality" initiative over the last few months and I am somewhat privy to the "over all" picture as I am on the Quality committee. Now, little incidents of this new initiative are starting to affect how things get done in the manufacturing part of the company and the "fall-out" is quite spectacular to behold. This company has been doing what it does for a long time, and to be honest it does produce good products. However, as with all companies, sometimes things go wrong or get changed and no one knows (or remembers why) and that is what I am noticing now in my job capacity. We do things a certain way....because that's "How we've always done it??". In my recent research for my job I've found that the only way to "fix" a certain problem we were having with the products i'm involved with is to basically forget everything we've been doing to make these products and start again from the ground up with no restraints or "assumed" right way of accomplishing any sub-task in the production process. The results have been SPECTACULAR to say the least. When one of you major clients goes from almost cancelling their multi-million $$ contracts to almost acting like a crack-head begging for more crack when they have no money it really slams home just how much a fresh approach to an inhereted problem can be.

Having said that, there is massive resistence in the comppany to "Change" and that is probably not unusual with most large companies. I remember working at Mayne Pharma a few years ago and always having to remind myself that the people making my job impossible where actually working for the same company?? We should be "helping" each other not acting as though we somehow have to stop each other performing our jobs and make things more difficult for the fun of it. That is the point I think this company is now at....we have to get past the initial "Fear of Change" and the idea that "Corporate Criticism = Personal Criticism" and focus on fixing the problems that ARE there and ARE visible and ARE being complained about by the people who currently are still willing to buy our products.

anyway...I have to go to the quality meeting now....that's going to be tough...becuase the visions are back in my head....and they are awesome...and it's hard to concentrate on anything else..

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