Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You just can't kill the Devil!!!

You may (or most probably may NOT) remember about the love/hate relationship I have with the Thermo technician. He just LOVES to make me HATE him.

see HERE for the refresher course.

Well, today he is back to look at the Mass Spec again after I arranged for some maintenance work to be carried out on it. True to form though he arrives, asks me what I think is wrong (again, this was ALL in the email I sent to the Customer service manager at Thermo yesterday) and then proceeds to inform me that I am wrong. Again, apparently I am so wrong that even if I was in the wrongest place in wrongtown people there would still point out that I could still be more wrong that that. I have arranged for a certain "non-user serviceable" part of the Mass Spec to be cleaned. By "non-user servicable" I mean, this part is absolutely critical to the functioning of the machine and should it break..the machine is useless.....therefor...I am not going to touch it myself :) Anyway, after sitting through 3 excrucisting hours of him going through every concievable possible cause of the Mass Spec not working EXCEPT for what I thought was wrong, we finally reach an impass. That being that what I said was wrong all along WAS what the problem was and *I* was right all along and he was going to have to eat humble pie again. You'd think he'd learn though wouldn't you?? Why do people even bother to question my awesomeness? It really is beyond me.

So now 4.5 hours after he arrived he's starting to clean the thing I organised him to clean from the get go. We'll get the pleasure of him then charging us 4.5 x $185 for his "Services". I'm definaitely in the wrong career.

EDIT @ 4:30pm: I left "technician Guy" to clean the Mass Spec and went to have my lunch. Not being one to ever gloat over victory I decided to continue with other work to keep myself busy (and away from Technician Guy) because, again (and this is turning into a regular occurrence) someone has not been scrabbying during work hours!!! I know this person will sprout some nonsense about "parenting" or "having appointments" or something as equally unbelieveable but I cant stress enough how dissappointed I am. Technician guy cleaned and re-assembled the Mass Spec and turned it back on. It worked and the cleaning had fixed the problem I had identified. He sauntered into my office to get me to come see the results of his "labour" and asked me "What do you think about that? It looks really good now huh?". "WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE EINSTEIN!!" was the answer my facial expression probably gave, my actual spoken answer was something much more acceptable to a harmonious client-company relationship.

After all this he's just informed me he'll be BACK TOMORROW!!!!!

I think I'll call in sick.............

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