Friday, July 18, 2008

WBBC just got even better? Is that even possible??

Christine and I went to get WBBC for lunch today, I get this most Fridays because it is quite frankly the best Butter Chicken I have ever had. Anyway, while eating it my taste buds reported that there was some sort of "extra specialness" to it tasted ... somehow ... better than normal.

Not 15 mins later Christine comes back to my office to ask me "Did you think the Butter Chicken was really, REALLY good today?"

So there you have it. Christine is one tough critic and therefore Worlds Best Butter Chicken has definitely raised the bar!! The last time she had WBBC she described it as "Meh, it's ok....I might buy it again"

EDIT: After an hour or so we both are of the opinion that the new ingredient is some sort of horse tranquilliser. We are both finding it very difficult to stay awake and concentrate. This *may* be due to the company we work for though...not 100% sure.

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